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Total Care Body Wash 8oz Reviews for the product - Total Care Body Wash 8oz (Back to product)
41 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

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About your Body Wash

- 10/21/2013

I really love your body wash, it feels like I had a facial at the spa after using it, very nice and super clean feeling.

Love it!

- 10/21/2013

Your Total Care Body Wash is my favorite product from your company, use it every other day as a mud mask. I have been telling everyone I know about it, hope it helps your business :)

Thanks for a wonderful product!

- 11/16/2013

This face wash has worked wonders on helping my facial acne and in actually reducing new occurrences! Many products I've tried fall short of my expectations…but after only one month of consistent use it had made amazingly noticeable changes. I can't run out now! Thanks for a wonderful product.

Great for all over body!

- 05/07/2015

I've shared this with many friends. They all say the same thing! This works great! Glad they used it! I have found that on my questionable areas it has done what I wanted it to do! I will always have this on hand for family and friends!

My best beauty product!

- 06/09/2015

As a woman with "mature" skin, I've tried many products over the years..this is the 1 product I expect to use for the rest of my life. Applying it after washing my face in the skin has become clearer and feels deeply clean...this body wash seems to purify my face like nothing else...I am very grateful!

I'm Impressed...

- 06/30/2015

This is fantastic on my facial skin. 90% of my skin is plugged with white and blackheads. This somehow breaks the barrier that keeps blackheads stuck under the skin from the very first application. My skin looks bright and clean-looking.
Phenomenal skin detox product, thank you BOE!


- 06/30/2015

This product really makes a difference in my skin's texture and complection. I dont have to use it every day to see results, but the more I use it, the better the results. I can tell the sun spots I have (from when I USED to tan frequently) have minimized and I just feel so clean when I use it. Sometimes I leave it on my problem areas for several minutes too.


- 07/22/2015

I've just started using Total Care Body Wash, but I like it so far. It makes my skin feel very, very clean and fresh.

Body wash.

- 09/01/2015

Awesome product

Total Body Wash

- 01/04/2016

I have been using the TBW for about six months now..mainly on my face and neck. The improvement in my skin tone is quite noticeable..looks much fresher and clean..back of my hands I can see a big improvement on fading and removing age spots.

Total Body Wash Works!!!

- 02/07/2016

I am a mature female who has suffered from acne and rosacea for years...I discovered Total Body Wash. Now my acne is gone and my rosacea is no where to be seen! Love it!!! I use it as a general mask every night and my skin has never looked so good. Wonderful stuff!!! Thank you Best on Earth Products, may you reign long!

I Love This Face Wash!

- 02/29/2016

I am 41 and have difficult facial skin.I could tell a difference the very first time I used it! My face was cleaner and softer than ever before. My skin actually looked healthier.I'm ordering my second bottle now!

Body Wash

- 04/11/2016

I recently purchased and love this. I haven't had a chance to use more, but I mixed with my clay pack to draw out toxins and help with pain. It was wonderful and helped reveal more xxxxxx.

Total care body wash

- 05/17/2016

My order arrived yesterday and I have used the wash only twice so far, yet wow, my skin looks so clean and feels like silk already. Thank you so much.

Poison Ivy

- 06/09/2016

When I first started using Total Care Body Wash
it would sting if I let it stay on too long (approx.
15 seconds) Was mildly concerned but continued to use it 2x a day on my face and neck as a face wash because my skin just felt so good from using it. 2 weeks ago, had poison ivy rashes on my forearms and neck which began to ooze and demand to be scratched. I am very allergic to it...Felt like I was going to go mad with the desire to scratch with no anti-itch medication
nearby so I put a thin layer of Total Care on the
areas and was stunned - it worked better than anything I've ever used and the rash is almost gone. Love this stuff!


- 09/14/2016

I used this product for plantar warts and regular warts. I just dabbed some on and they virtually disappeared within a week or so. I also used it on a cyst under the eye worked like a charm. Abosultely effortless. No sensation at all. It left no marks at all. I Love this stuff. I think every household should own a bottle

So clean

- 11/01/2016

My face has never felt so clean and looked so good since I started using the Body Wash.

Body wash

- 01/23/2017

Love it! I am 71 and have struggled with adult acne all life. This product is amazing at controlling outbreaks, and shrinking my pores!

cleared up my skin

- 06/09/2017

I purchased this product to use on my face. It worked! I have adult acne. I am actively healing-diet, juices, coffee enemas... But I could clear my skin. This product does the trick.

try it you'll like it

- 08/03/2017

very satisfied customer, thankyou

Clear skin

- 10/27/2017

My teenage son and I both use your total care body wash daily. Acne is a distant memory for my son and my redness and patchy discoloration are completely resolved. So happy we found you guys.

Happy Customer again

- 11/01/2017

Total body Wash is a truly amazing product my families skin has never been better!

body wash

- 12/13/2017

Love this product. Works great on sun-damaged skin. It would work even better if I used more.

Actinic keratosis

- 11/15/2018

I’ve been using Total Care Body Wash for over a year and it has been keeping a skin issue in check but not eliminating it. When I started using it I had a bigger spot on my scalp that I thought would have to be taken off with liquid nitrogen but it shrunk it and all the little ones that pop up seem to fall off or at least don’t get bigger. I’ve been using it every 2-3 days but I think I need to do what I did when I started and that was every day for a couple of weeks, that’s what seemed to help the most.

I love this body wash

- 01/13/2019

This keeps my skin clear and glowing. It has been amazing for my sons teenage acne. Thank you!

My Skin Looks the Best it Ever Has!

- 06/18/2019

I didn’t buy this body wash for beauty care but with a half bottle left I thought it’d be interesting to see what it would do as a facial mask and I am so excited I tried it! Within a minute of putting this total care body wash on my face, it started to tingle and even burn a little. I kept it on as long as I could tolerate it and then washed it off. The next day I did it again and the tingling/burning didn’t kick in until a little longer. I continued this way and my face continued to tolerate longer times with the body wash on it. When using it, it felt like the impurities in my skin were being dissolved away and the most amazing thing is, my skin looked the best it ever has. I will use the total care body wash forever knowing that it’s keeping my skin healthy and so many friends give me compliments on how much my face now "glows."Thanks for this high quality product!

worked well in a sensitive area

- 07/24/2019

I had a suspicious raised pink bump very close to my eye, close enough that the thought of using black salve concerned me. 5 Days of Body Wash completely dried it up with no pain and no sensitivity issues with my eye.

Body Wash

- 07/24/2019

At first when I used the Body Wash, the color of it freaked me out. Then I got used to it and it felt good on my skin. I was devastated when I accidentally left my bottle in a motel room and they "didn't have it"! Now I want it to try the facials.

Total Care body wash works

- 07/27/2019

I love Total Care body wash (TCBW)!
I like to use it as a facial mask. Three times a week I will put on a light layer and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse. It makes my skin look refreshed and bright. Another way we use TCBW is on "areas of concern." Any area that is flaky, rough, or scabby/then bleeds. We put it on the area, rub it in, let it sit for a few minutes. It usually takes a week for the area to clear. If it doesn't clear, we move on to the black salve treatment. Thanks!

Total Care Body Wash is GREAT!

- 07/29/2019

I love this product. It is so good for my skin. Any skin problems that I have shrink and go away in a short time. I am left with clear, glowing skin. It is worth it to use every day or every other day!

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