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Total Care Body Wash 8oz Reviews for the product - Total Care Body Wash 8oz (Back to product)
51 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)
Body Wash
- 05/27/2022
I’ve only just started using the Total Care Body Wash this week and I love the way it makes my skin look and feel afterwards. I leave it on for up to 15 minutes and then rinse off. I have a few spots on my face, arms and upper chest from spending a lot of time outside in the sun as a child and teenager so I applied a thin layer to those areas as directed, left on for about 15 minutes then rinse off. ... I also got the capsules and will start taking them tomorrow.
Great product
- 05/14/2022
I have used your product for decades, and although I could probably make it myself, I continue to buy it from you. It works well and alerts me to what should be salved.
Great Product
- 04/19/2022
This is a great product!
Black Salve Wash
- 02/15/2022
Great product. I am on my second bottle of it. The first time I purchased the small bottle; however, this time I splurged on the larger bottle. I feel it cleans my skin very well.
reliable cleanse
- 10/19/2021
I've use the body wash a few times.
It is gentle. I think it will produce
the desired result~to remove skin surface abnormalities from sun worship
in my youth.
Face is clear!
- 07/24/2021
I have been using this as a facewash for a few months, use it every few days. My face is so clear! It does sting a little and need to wash it off with cool water but my skin looks amazing!
Absolutely love this body wash!
- 07/20/2021
I purchased this based on the reviews and I was not disappointed! I was getting these small bumps on my forearms and legs, and tried many things to heal them. Turns out it was caused by old body wash. When I started using this, everything cleared up! With using this, you just feel so clean. It's makes your skin so soft, too. I've also used this to heal a burn. Between using the body was and lavender essential oil, I have no scar at all. This is one to always have on hand. Thank you BOE!
Body wash
- 07/19/2021
For the time I have been using this product, I’m happy with it would get it again.
Very effective
- 10/20/2020
This product rid me of a growth on my bottom eyelid by applying each night for a number of weeks.
Such a good product... trying the salve for a suspicious spot on my leg next
- 08/02/2020
So grateful for this product. I am glad it is still made... I bought my bottle 8 years ago, i use it sparingly when I have bouts of bad skin. Pari menopause was brutal on my skin... my hormones surging or missfiring has take a toll on my skin. Now full blown Menopause has different issues, same hormonal imbalances... flushes... etc... but now the sweats... and the sweat excreted is like acid to my skin... and with hormones tricking my daily body cycles.. the ingrown hairs are festering for longer...and literally the only relief is this product.
Great product
- 03/15/2020
My face has never looked clearer and felt softer and thats coming from a guy.
Jean Nate
- 12/27/2019
Great Price, quick delivery!
Love this product!
- 12/11/2019
My skin has had very dark hyperpigmentation for years even though I work in cosmetics and have always used sunscreen nothing seems to help. After using TCBW even just a couple times I am noticing a huge change. Thanks for this wonderful product!!
Great BOE product
- 11/05/2019
This Body wash is amazing. It has really helped with sunspots and rough bits of skin that sun damaged. Leaves face feeling lovely, soft and smooth.
Acnes are gone
- 11/05/2019
No more acne. Woohooo!
Good product for clear skin
- 09/30/2019
I tried this as I saw the reviews... needless to say it’s very impressive! My skin is clear and redness is gone. Would recommend!
Amazing for skin!
- 09/20/2019
I love how smooth and clear my skin is with total care body wash. I use it 3 times a week. Thank you for this natural product!
Love this product!
- 08/29/2019
Love the effect of total care body wash on my complexion. It has lightened age spots and improved the overall tone and appearance of my skin. It also caused a small skin tag under my arm to fall off after only a few applications. And on two different occasions I applied it to small dark freckles that had appeared on my leg just as a precaution. I was surprised that they reddened and in less than a week came out in the form of little balls. Left a small pit where the freckles were but they closed up in a few weeks and I can't tell where they were anymore.
Smooth Skin Finally
- 08/23/2019
I started using BOE body wash on my face at the beginning of the summer 2019. My skin was dull and rough and it's always been problematic. I love the effects of this product especially in combination with the sunscreen. My face is smooth and clear and balanced. My skin feels wonderful and the sunscreen, though a bit fair works so well as a moisture locking foundation, I am thrilled it does double duty. Thanks Best On Earth! I love your stuff! I give a bloodroot capsule to my senior dog everyday and it has kept an oral growth from growing back. I take the green powder occasionally when I feel run down and I find it alkalizing and tasty.
Actinic Keratitis healing
- 08/09/2019
I’m an RN, I knew Dr Hulda Clark personally in Indiana,
She taught about b salve in 60-70s...We started Body Wash, my husband's skin is clearing up beautifully!
- 08/09/2019
I used this product a couple of times a week on my face and neck. I don't spend a lot of time on my appearance but I happened to notice after a few weeks that my skin looks firm and smooth and shiny! I am 80 and have never had "high-quality" skin until now! THANKS for this product! I'm not into sitting around in salons for hundreds of dollars of care, but now I look like I do!
Total Care Body Wash is GREAT!
- 07/29/2019
I love this product. It is so good for my skin. Any skin problems that I have shrink and go away in a short time. I am left with clear, glowing skin. It is worth it to use every day or every other day!
Total Care body wash works
- 07/27/2019
I love Total Care body wash (TCBW)!
I like to use it as a facial mask. Three times a week I will put on a light layer and let it sit for 5 minutes then rinse. It makes my skin look refreshed and bright. Another way we use TCBW is on "areas of concern." Any area that is flaky, rough, or scabby/then bleeds. We put it on the area, rub it in, let it sit for a few minutes. It usually takes a week for the area to clear. If it doesn't clear, we move on to the black salve treatment. Thanks!
worked well in a sensitive area
- 07/24/2019
I had a suspicious raised pink bump very close to my eye, close enough that the thought of using black salve concerned me. 5 Days of Body Wash completely dried it up with no pain and no sensitivity issues with my eye.
Body Wash
- 07/24/2019
At first when I used the Body Wash, the color of it freaked me out. Then I got used to it and it felt good on my skin. I was devastated when I accidentally left my bottle in a motel room and they "didn't have it"! Now I want it to try the facials.
My Skin Looks the Best it Ever Has!
- 06/18/2019
I didn’t buy this body wash for beauty care but with a half bottle left I thought it’d be interesting to see what it would do as a facial mask and I am so excited I tried it! Within a minute of putting this total care body wash on my face, it started to tingle and even burn a little. I kept it on as long as I could tolerate it and then washed it off. The next day I did it again and the tingling/burning didn’t kick in until a little longer. I continued this way and my face continued to tolerate longer times with the body wash on it. When using it, it felt like the impurities in my skin were being dissolved away and the most amazing thing is, my skin looked the best it ever has. I will use the total care body wash forever knowing that it’s keeping my skin healthy and so many friends give me compliments on how much my face now "glows."Thanks for this high quality product!
I love this body wash
- 01/13/2019
This keeps my skin clear and glowing. It has been amazing for my sons teenage acne. Thank you!
Actinic keratosis
- 11/15/2018
I’ve been using Total Care Body Wash for over a year and it has been keeping a skin issue in check but not eliminating it. When I started using it I had a bigger spot on my scalp that I thought would have to be taken off with liquid nitrogen but it shrunk it and all the little ones that pop up seem to fall off or at least don’t get bigger. I’ve been using it every 2-3 days but I think I need to do what I did when I started and that was every day for a couple of weeks, that’s what seemed to help the most.
body wash
- 12/13/2017
Love this product. Works great on sun-damaged skin. It would work even better if I used more.
Happy Customer again
- 11/01/2017
Total body Wash is a truly amazing product my families skin has never been better!
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