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EllagiCaps Ellagic Acid Supplement Reviews for the product - EllagiCaps Ellagic Acid Supplement -
41 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)
EllagiCaps and Spring Sneezing!
- 02/15/2022
My dear husband who is a sceptic and medical conservative, was the one who informed me that those Caps stopped his spring sneezing episodes
(which the neighbors can hear, I’m sure)! He now willingly accepts them when I present them with his green smoothie. I’m sure this product does a lot more than this but I thought it was an interesting side effect!
Thank you BOE for your wonderful products!
Good supplement for everyone
- 01/18/2022
This supplement is used by my husband daily. It is excellent to maintain good testing results for a chronic condition. I feel that It helps with general inflammation and oxidation within.
They work for me
- 12/29/2021
By the end of the first bottle l had so much more energy then l have had in years. I am able to do so much more in a day now and actually feel like doing things. Can't wait to see how l feel by the end of the second bottle.
Good healthy keeps us on top
- 09/28/2021
Very good antioxidant. We use it along with blackroot capsules for keeping us going.
Totally worth it!
- 09/28/2021
Buy it! You won't be disappointed.
I’ve more energy than most for my age at 71
- 08/09/2021
I’m taking Ellagi caps to replace large doses of Vit C as I was uploading too much iron in my blood Since taking Ellagi caps to keep my immune system happy my iron levels are now normal and I have more energy than most 71 year old woman I know I have been taking Ellagi caps now for 2 years and will continue to do so cheers Dee
- 07/26/2021
We are taking the Ellagi Caps to make
our immune system stronger. We are healthy and wish to stay that way.
We have no symptoms, not feeling anything.
Thank you
Great product - good for digestive system & health!
- 10/20/2020
Both my mom and I have had the chance to use these Ellagic acid supplements - they worked well fixing some of our short-term digestive issues, and are very healthy!
Ellagi Caps
- 04/04/2020
I have been using your Ellagi Caps for about a year now I tried them to replace vitamin c as I was taking large doses to stave my sinus problems off and found myself with high iron in my blood and as vitamin c uploads the iron into the blood I gave it a go . It worked I hardly need vit c at all now and am feeling better than I have in ages I will continue to use Elagi caps... I have more energy and can be found working on my oil paintings well after midnight . I also sleep well now so a double whammy thank you cheers Deidre
Love this product
- 01/13/2020
I use to take this product consistently,...I recently started retaking it and was reminded why I love this helps keep my immune system healthy...previously, I was taken it and it cleared up issues from the inside out...I love this product!!!
Support The Immune System
- 11/25/2019
Since taking Ellagicaps i have had no flu or new viruses. I take it in combination with Black Salve Bloodroot capsules. I was diagnosed with a "serious immune deficiency issue" and i believe these two products have helped save my life.
Immune system booster
- 11/08/2019
I have read about the healthful benefits of this products especially in protecting your immune system. So far, it has been working for me.
Boosts My Immune System
- 11/06/2019
I love your EllagiCaps! When I take these consistantly my immune system is boosted and in great shape, therefore I stay much more healthy! While taking these I can be around the young children with colds and viruses and I remain healthy! It might have other benefits that I'm not aware of, but this is how this works great for me! Thank You for making a great immune booster!!! Linda
Very good product
- 09/20/2019
This helps me from catching everything that comes around. Helps my immune system.
Very good products
- 08/26/2019
Very pleased with the capsules. My husband takes them both for a serious condition. Thanks to these and healthy diet and way of life he’s doing very well.
Ellagi Capsules/ Black salve
- 08/26/2019
Just trying these out for hubby who has elevated prostrate. Will get another PSA test in a couple of weeks and report back if they work.. lets hope as they sound awesome from other reviews
Ellagic Capsules
- 03/01/2019
In my research for healing immune builders to help the body fight is Ellagic Acid. The Ellagic Capsules from BOE are a great product to assist in any immune building need!
- 02/03/2019
I use them for immune boosters. They work.
Thank you.
- 09/04/2018
I started using your Black Salve Capsules about three years ago. I wouldn't be without them. I started using the Ellagi Caps last year and was amazed at how much more efficient the Black Salve Caps were when used together. I have also used your colon cleanse. It is the BEST and easiest cleanse that I have ever done.
Thank you Best on Earth
- 07/23/2018
This is a fantastic product, I am so glad to have it as part of my supplementing regime.
For a Healthy Immune System
- 04/03/2018
I believe in taking a lot of vitamins and supplements for a healthy well-being. I've read about the goodness of Ellagic caps for a healthy immune system. I will continue using this pill and will not run out of it.
Great product
- 02/23/2018
Great product, thank you!
Great product!
- 02/13/2018
It took about a month to truly notice the effect of these pills, and together with the Black Salve Bloodroot caps, my energy levels have gone up, even my hair is thicker!

Highly recommend taking both, they have helped me tremendously, especially with my hair and energy!
- 02/11/2018
High quality product, normalized my digestion and immune systems.
- 02/09/2018
The best Product ever! I wish that I had started sooner.
I like this stuff
- 10/27/2017
This keeps the flu and cold away for me. I have not been sick since I started taking it a year ago.
- 07/26/2017
I take them as a prevention and they seem to be working.
Fantastic product
- 07/25/2017
I started taking these EllagiCaps as soon as I got them. I purchased them as I have been feeling very run down, tired & seemed to be coming down with colds & flu etc regularly. I knew that my immune system was down. I am so happy to say, since taking these capsules, I have not been sick & feel energised again. Thank you. Highly recommend it
- 02/28/2017
I haven,t had the flu or cold since i started taking them 2 years ago.
Great Product
- 12/02/2016
Ellagicaps Ellagic Acid Suplement is a great product. Since the first dose I felt the difference. Good for any one.
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