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Black Salve with DMSO Reviews for the product - Black Salve with DMSO (Back to product)
123 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

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Thank you for this product

- 10/21/2013

Worked just as I had hoped it would, fast shipping too, thanks!

Worked Great!

- 12/17/2013

As soon as I applied the black salve ...a tingle sensation occurred immediately...after it fell out & I used after care cream that came with... Thank You for such a great store!!!

Fabulous product!

- 12/31/2013

Jan. 19, 2011 I applied black salve to 15 centimeter (spot) on left leg,then again on 20th. Pain was intense for 3 days.Finally it lifted out... Photos of whole process.Fabulous product.
Frank Clarke

God bless you

- 02/08/2014

God bless you for this wonderful product! It worked on a not healing wound for 7 years!
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Skin Care Product

- 06/11/2014

I am so happy with your Black Salve with DMSO and After Care Cream!!! I have used it on myself, my husband, and both of my parents with AMAZING results. It is one thing to read and see testimonials on the internet, but completely MIRACULOUS to experience it first hand. Thank you so much for continuing to offer these products to people in need...

It works!

- 07/30/2014

I thought the product works It doesn't hurt, now waiting for the scab to fall off.

Wart literally fell out!

- 02/09/2015

I had a wart on my finger for ten years that I had tried to get rid of with multiple allopathic and natural remedies. Finally I tried the black salve..Then the miracle happened...The wart fell out...Thank you for a wonderful product!

Good results

- 05/07/2015

I have use the Black Salve in the past and have had good results in helping with removing... Took awhile but it finally was gone.
Will always use other natural ways to help in this regards.

Really is the best natural product for...

- 05/31/2015

This is the only natural product that has produced amazing results... Very happy.


- 06/13/2015

Simply, life changing.... I am a small town southern ill. man. I am a nobody of importance, but from me to you this is "The" game changer!

Powerful Stuff...

- 06/15/2015

I can't thank you enough. have used this product for 6 years now. I have told everyone who had the same skin problems I had about it and we all are happy campers! Use it with care, its powerful stuff.

Black Salve with DMSO

- 06/16/2015

In my 64yr I found this website and tried Black Salve DMSO and Black Salve caps together they were unbelievable...I have spread the word and many of my elderly friends have had fantastic results ..Thank you for a great product

Thank You

- 06/17/2015

I've used Black Salve on several...and it removed them by forming the escher, and no scars.

Black Salve destroys wart.

- 07/03/2015

Black Salve with DMSO completely and permanently removed a deep plantar wart from my L. foot.


- 07/04/2015

I used it...and it worked in 8 days...the same on me and my wife, with the same results. BOE black salve is a real savior.


- 08/19/2015

... Use the least amount possible and it will dig in and extract that which is compromised. The DMSO will get into hard spots, if the problem is at the surface already you may not need the DMSO.


- 08/04/2015

This product works very well ... and i am still under usage of black salve.

Black salve

- 09/11/2015

I used black salve it pulled out a lot of skin...spots on my face chest area and my pulled it out and it went away.Black salve took mine out its an amazing product,it saved me so much time and money. I tell everyone about this product, 2 really big thumbs up.


- 10/07/2015


Used it on Numerous areas

- 10/07/2015

I've been to the dermatologist many times...I was fed up with the cost and questionable treatment. I decided to use the Black Salve with DMSO and it did exactly what it is designed to do...and then healed wonderfully.

Wouldn't do it any other way !

- 12/14/2015

Three years ago I treated a very sore area under both my breasts with black salve...about three dollars worth of salve, a few dollars on healing salve and no time lost at work. I'm so grateful for this product I thank the day I found information about this on the Internet!

black salve with DMSO

- 12/27/2015

I nave used black salve [cancema] for over 20 years. It works for me. I have a severe problem...

Black Salve w-DMSO

- 01/25/2016

It's very powerful, amazing. Best I've found.

Black Salve

- 02/26/2016

I have managed to acquire some Black Salve ...It is amazing. Reading the information on the web it is amazing how many times this type of product have helped so many.


- 03/06/2016

Your product seems to be doing a fine job

black salve

- 03/09/2016

So far 100% success

black salve with dmso

- 05/05/2016

This product works very well. Where everything else I've tried doe not. Thanks to the people who make it, I can't thank you enough, but keep up your good work!

Great product

- 01/27/2017

Not available to buy in Australia anymore. Worked well and I have used it multiple times...

It does what it says it does

- 05/09/2016

I used this salve and was nervous at first but hung in and went through the process and with total success. My issue was on the end of my nose and now the issue is gone!

Black Salve (DMSO)

- 01/08/2017

Thankyou BoE! The salve was recommended by a farmer friend who had used some sucessfully on himself for several years. I ordered the small tub and it arrived less than 15days later - and half way round the world! That was Mid Nov 2016. Not bad considering we are remote area of southern, Western Australia. I used a 10mm x 10mm light dab on a spot in late Nov 2016. I let it dry before covering as suggested. It "stung like crazy" within mins and caused some discomfort for several days - like a half dose bee-sting!... before this eventually eased off. Within a week or so, the required eschar started to form and lift. Within 2-3 weeks the scab dropped off and I was sporting a smooth pink mark of repaired skin for Christmas! This and other areas of skin have normalized wonderfully. Job done! Spots on my legs have had very encouraging results. Thank you for a great product which is proving "less is more"!

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