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Black Salve with DMSO Reviews for the product - Black Salve with DMSO (Back to product)
48 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)

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Black Salve Review

- 04/26/2017

I have used Black Salve with-out DMSO.
Have tried many nother products before Black Salve. Black Salve by far is the best... it works.


- 04/20/2017

I have been using black salve cream with DMSO for works!!! Really REALLY works!!.. you can see results!!Thank you Best on Earth! For providing such a great product!

Definitely works! :)

- 04/07/2017

I have used the Black Salve (with DMSO) on a couple of spots, and it DEFINITELY works. So a big thumbs up for that!


- 03/16/2017

I had 2 spots of dry skin that kept scabbing over regardless of how many times the scab came off. After nearly a year of this, I was getting concerned... I decided to place an order... Very effective product!

great product

- 02/28/2017

Found this to be extremely effective.

Great product

- 01/27/2017

Not available to buy in Australia anymore. Worked well and I have used it multiple times...

Black salve with DMSO

- 01/23/2017

Never having used this product before, I wasn't sure of how it would be.
It was so easy to put on and it stayed there.
The reaction I got was almost instantaneous .
The DMSO really did go deep. I feel if I didn't use black salve with DMSO I would more than likely need to salve the same spot a lot more times to be able to have the same effect

Black Salve (DMSO)

- 01/08/2017

Thankyou BoE! The salve was recommended by a farmer friend who had used some sucessfully on himself for several years. I ordered the small tub and it arrived less than 15days later - and half way round the world! That was Mid Nov 2016. Not bad considering we are remote area of southern, Western Australia. I used a 10mm x 10mm light dab on a spot in late Nov 2016. I let it dry before covering as suggested. It "stung like crazy" within mins and caused some discomfort for several days - like a half dose bee-sting!... before this eventually eased off. Within a week or so, the required eschar started to form and lift. Within 2-3 weeks the scab dropped off and I was sporting a smooth pink mark of repaired skin for Christmas! This and other areas of skin have normalized wonderfully. Job done! Spots on my legs have had very encouraging results. Thank you for a great product which is proving "less is more"!

Awesome Service

- 01/04/2017

Hi Guys,
Have been using black salve product successfully for a number of years. Ordered some new product recently only to find it damaged and leaking on its arrival. Best on earth replaced the product quickly without argument. Thanks very much appreciate the great service. Regards Dan

black salve

- 01/03/2017

high quality product. powerful and effective. I have one spot applied to so far. After the scab fell off, beautiful pink skin.


- 12/06/2016

Amazing stuff and I also like the free After care cream.


- 12/06/2016

Amazing stuff and I also like the free After care cream.

Black Salve

- 12/05/2016

Wish I could have know sooner about you and your products. Delivery was fast and products were high quality

Black salve with dmso

- 10/05/2016

I've used this product 14 times on myself and 1 time on a friends dog and every time the resualts were perfect. I highly recommend this product, you won't be disappointed.

Thank you Best on Earth


- 08/05/2016

This product triggered the body immune response within minutes. In less than a week my son's body relieved itself of an annoying sebaceous cyst. The healing process is well underway. We couldn't be happier with the results and have recommended this product to many friends.

Best clean ever

- 07/26/2016

WOw! What an amazing product! I would recommend it to anyone. Wouldn't be without it.

Review of Black Salve

- 07/22/2016

This product is absolutely marvellous. I have been using it for two years.


- 05/31/2016

I applied black salve with dmso onto two spots that I had been watching for a little better than a year. One spot produced no reaction but to be mildly irritated. The other spot was different. The product really went to work and the 'drawing' affect could be felt and seen. I plan to have my skin checked after it is finished healing but am happy with the results I've seen so far.

yep - best on earth!

- 05/17/2016

This product is one of the best that I have found and used on the market. Whilst I am careful how I use the product I am really pleased with the results.

It does what it says it does

- 05/09/2016

I used this salve and was nervous at first but hung in and went through the process and with total success. My issue was on the end of my nose and now the issue is gone!

black salve with dmso

- 05/05/2016

This product works very well. Where everything else I've tried doe not. Thanks to the people who make it, I can't thank you enough, but keep up your good work!

black salve

- 03/09/2016

So far 100% success


- 03/06/2016

Your product seems to be doing a fine job

Black Salve

- 02/26/2016

I have managed to acquire some Black Salve ...It is amazing. Reading the information on the web it is amazing how many times this type of product have helped so many.

Black Salve w-DMSO

- 01/25/2016

It's very powerful, amazing. Best I've found.

black salve with DMSO

- 12/27/2015

I nave used black salve [cancema] for over 20 years. It works for me. I have a severe problem...

Wouldn't do it any other way !

- 12/14/2015

Three years ago I treated a very sore area under both my breasts with black salve...about three dollars worth of salve, a few dollars on healing salve and no time lost at work. I'm so grateful for this product I thank the day I found information about this on the Internet!


- 10/07/2015


Used it on Numerous areas

- 10/07/2015

I've been to the dermatologist many times...I was fed up with the cost and questionable treatment. I decided to use the Black Salve with DMSO and it did exactly what it is designed to do...and then healed wonderfully.

Black salve

- 09/11/2015

I used black salve it pulled out a lot of skin...spots on my face chest area and my pulled it out and it went away.Black salve took mine out its an amazing product,it saved me so much time and money. I tell everyone about this product, 2 really big thumbs up.

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