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Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews for the product - Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules -
221 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)
Bloodroot capsules
- 06/15/2022
I love these capsules. I have been taking them for a number of years...
BSB caps
- 06/13/2022
I use BSB caps as a preventative. I used the body wash to remove a very suspicious facial sore that would not heal on it's own. It was gone the next day and never came back and that was over a decade ago.
I am hopeful this herbal formula will prevent skin issues
- 05/19/2022
It's always difficult to be sure that a product is working. I can't help but notice that my melasma spots on my cheeks are becomming lighter.
You Must Take Control of Your Health
- 05/17/2022
I have used the bloodroot salve and the capsules and had great success with both. I had a cyst on my upper shoulder that had been there for a very long time. I used the salve on it and in about 1-2 weeks I had a noticeable change, shortly after that the cyst came to skin surface and ruptured through. Completely gone!
open your mind. It works
- 05/09/2022
My wife had 1" growth on the base of her tongue. stage 4 metastasized to lymph...28 days later it fell off.
7 different tests verified.
I tell the truth.
Great product!
- 05/06/2022
Great product, thank you!
Looking and feeling better!
- 05/04/2022
I have only been taking the Bloodroot capsules for only a month. However, the results are so promising that I have ordered more of the same. The Black Salve is amazingly impressive; the reason for my taking the capsules is to get it into my circulatory system as a precautionary.
Black Salve Bloodroot
- 05/03/2022
I have been taking they pill, just for keeping my health.
- 04/20/2022
Right now my body is riddled with lumps and bumps and things that don’t belong. I have been cut on a lot and simply don’t want to be any more. I take the Bloodroot capsules 3 times a day and will likely continue for the rest of my life which I figure to be about another 30 years because I am 70 now.
Great value
- 04/19/2022
Excellent product !
Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules
- 04/15/2022
This product is excellent. I will continue to use it and will recommend this product to everyone.
Use for clearing
- 04/11/2022
Bought this to add to topical treatment for husband about 15 yrs ago for diagnosed by biopsy of bad stuff. I had researched when I was found to be probable breast c...... to add to my protocol. Now do a week every six months to clean up from the inside out. Strange what falls off or goes away. Thanks
great product
- 03/16/2022
I have used bloodroot capsules for years. I use it daily to keep skin "isssues" at a minumim.
recommend with these concerns.

Black salve capsules
- 03/11/2022
Love them, we use these all of the time and they really help.
Black Salve Capsules improve skin inflammation, moles safely
- 03/09/2022
My partner and I have used topical Black Salve to clear several skin problems with great success. So, I decided to take the capsules. After several years, I feel my health, at age 74, is way above average, my moles, dark spots, various bumps on my scalp and especially my lower legs are fading and disappearing. I personally plan to continue taking just one capsule each morning with breakfast ... All products I've personally tried have been excellent and I'm grateful for discount sales that occur several times a year. Be sure to sign up for that. Blessings.
- 02/15/2022
I purchase this product for my mother
who has cXXXXX , since using the black salve capsules daily combined with other natural products , her type of cXXXXX has been held at bay and has not got any worse.
Parotid Swelling/Growth
- 01/27/2022
A dear friend told me about Blood Root and Ellagic acid.
She gave me some so I could start. The parotid issue was verified by ultrasound.
i started taking both of the above and quickly increased to 3x3 BR 2x3 Ellagic
I took it consistently for 4 months, parotid issue was resolved, verified by ultrasound. I feel good on Blood Root and Ellagic Acid and now take a preventative dose. Regardless of your health a dose from time to time in my opinion is a good idea.
Great product
- 01/25/2022
Great product. Fast and efficient ordering and shipping. Will be ordering again. and will recommended to friends and family.
Very good
- 01/25/2022
I decided to purchase these to help with my skin issues I have been having. After 2 weeks of regular usage as directed on the label, I can see a significant difference in my skins health. I am very happy and blessed to have made this purchase. The bad redness and inflammation I had on my neck, head and chest are finally drying up and swelling has reduced as well. My skin is a little dry and itchy from using this but that means these pills work which makes me happy.
Has sustained health
- 01/18/2022
This product has helped sustain my husband’s health. He has a chronic condition and still has a good quality of life as he takes this regularly
To be recommended
- 01/07/2022
My wife and I have used topical Black Salve to clear several skin problems with great success. So, I decided to take the capsules. After several years all my blood tests that might suggest a major problem have been excellent. In general, I feel my health, at age 78, is way above average. I plan to continue the with these capsules and feel that the results will be for the best of my health.
Much better skin
- 12/29/2021
This is a great product l have been using it for about 3months now and already my skin has improved. I usually have very dry irritated skin but best its been in a long time recently. I am really pleased with them and will keep going work well.
Blacksalve caps
- 12/15/2021
I cant do without them :)
Outstanding Products
- 12/10/2021
I use Black Salve Capsules a couple times a year. Just in case. The Black Salve with DMSO has been a Godsend for many years on both myself and husband. I've lost count of how many "sores" we have removed. Some small. Some deeper than expected. Almost no scarring. When the "sore" is nothing, there is no reaction. Anyone who reads that the salve is disfiguring when used properly can rest assured the author has no credibility.
Exceptional product
- 12/01/2021
I have been using the Black Salve capsules for around 8 years now. A friend initially recommended the black salve ointment to remove some "Issues." This worked a treat and I was able to remove about 5 successfully. However, as I started to take the capsules (inside/out treatment) I noticed that the incidence of skin "issues" became less and less. My last skin issue was over 2 years ago, which I removed with the ointment. Subsequent yearly skin-health checks have revealed that (a) I have a clean bill of health and; (b) pale white marks on my skin reveal that it is self-healing. This was the observation and comments of the skin specialist doctor, who had no idea I was taking the capsules or using the ointment. Clearly amazing stuff!
Excellent product
- 11/17/2021
Product is exactly what I was looking for and there was no delay in shipping. Great service!
No more skin XXXXXX
- 11/16/2021
I have been taking black salve bloodroot for about 6 or 7 years now daily and have not had a reoccurence of the skin XXXXXXX that I had twice before. It is amazing. Thank you.
Good product
- 11/09/2021
I was severely ill just after my first XXXXXX jab, the pills helped me a bit.
Very effective
- 11/05/2021
I have specifically used the capsules for breast lumps and been very successful. I’ve taken up to 8 a day to resolve the issue and they work beautifully, along with high dose selenium.
black salve
- 10/29/2021
Great, hard to find product. Thank you for carrying them. And, thank you for having sales! My pets and I take them :)
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