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Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules Reviews for the product - Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules -
221 Product Reviews - Average rating 5 / 5 (Best Rated | Worst Rated | Most Recent | Oldest)
Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules
- 10/22/2021
We use and keep on hand for ourselves and our pets, instead of allopathic medicine. This product saved lives and limbs!
Best Product Ever
- 10/21/2021
Being a Bio Energetic Practitioner, I am always searching for the best products to assist in wel healthcare for my clients needs. I came across BOE Bloodroot when I myself had been diagnosed with Colon XXXXXX and needed a “one, two punch” to help my body kill bad cells effectively. Along with various Detox therapies when I added BOE Bloodroot capsules I immediately noticed a shift in my body. That was approximately 7 years ago! Even though I am “Issue free” , I have continued to take them, one month on, one month off! I have had such great success with this and I have suggested to clients to do the same, even IF they have NO serious diagnosis. Thank you BOE for creating such a wonderful gift that all of us can utilize!
Pet review
- 10/20/2021
I reviewed this product back in July but seeing the recent info on pets taking it internally, well, that is what I mentioned and it cleared up my 18 year old kitty's ear tumor, gone in a few weeks of use. There's only so much you can do on the outside so its good to work from the inside out. First heard about bloodroot in Dr Andrew Weil's book "Spontaneous Healing" where he describes applying the bloodroot paste to his dog's tumor and it dried up and fell off in a week or two. And that is how I became a Best On Earth customer !
- 10/12/2021
Bloodroot capsules have been a lifesaver for me. I am sure I would have been dead in a few years if I had not found them. My company had poisoned me with chemicals and I got very strong reactions in the places that were damaged, as well as wherever I had been exposed to radiological procedures... My stomach is finally healed after 7 years of struggling after being poisoned. brown sun spots are disappearing one by one. This product is fantastic! I LITERALLY cannot live without it.
Health insurance
- 09/28/2021
I don’t have any internal cxxxxx (touch wood) but have been using salve topically for twenty years on skin heavily damaged by the Australian sun. On the basis of a hundred or more highly satisfactory salve treatments I regularly take BOE's BSB capsules as insurance against you know what. Three cheers for Best on Earth gear. Mick Daley, Eureka, New South Wales
- 09/28/2021
Great product, waiting on new batch,thanks!
It works for us
- 09/28/2021
My husband has a serious illness. BlackSalve Bloodroot caps have had a positive influence and have helped his numbers to recede.
Awesome-don't hesitate to buy
- 09/28/2021
Fantastic product!
Effective product
- 09/27/2021
I've been taking the Black Salve Capsules now for about 6 years. It came on the back of using the black salve ointment and how effective this has been in removing skin abnormalities. Knowing that the capsules work from the inside out, I decided to try them. Since using them I initially noticed that the issues I had been getting were becoming less and less. In fact, I've only had one in the past 4 years. Recently I went to a skin specialist for a check-up and discovered 2 things. Firstly, I received a full bill of health re my skin condition. Secondly, the doctor commented that I had some pale white spots on my skin. He said that these spots were a sign of skin healing itself from the inside. I'd definitely recommend this product and the black salve ointment.
Black Salve Bloodroot Capsules
- 09/23/2021
I have been buying this product for a few years now. Very happy with the product and the customer service. I am in rural Australia so it does take a little long to get to us.But I try to order before I run out.
Why hasn't everyone been taking this?
- 09/23/2021
I take lots of supplements, have for decades. Bloodroot Capsules, I'm on my 1st bottle, have helped me feel better overall in the ways I'd hoped for but couldn't quite expect. Why wouldn't something that takes out XXXX outside solve problems inside? Mostly I just started feeling better but I also had a breakout on my very sun damaged lip sort of like a cold sore. It took over two weeks to heal which is similar to my other XXXXXXs removed through blacksalve.
Black Salve Bloodroot
- 09/08/2021
We have not used tabs yet, but ordering process as well as product arriving fast and well packed. We are very happy that these tabs are available!
Great Product
- 08/22/2021
I bought these capsules rather than using regular Black Salve for internal use. Although I haven't used them yet, I have used topical Black Salve multiple times to remove non-symmetrical moles and it works great. I have no reason to think that the capsules won't work equally well. The price was reasonable and the shipping was fast. The regular Black Salve and the Capsules are both good products to have for a survival scenario. As crazy as things are right now, you never know when we won't have access to regular medical care.
Amazing product
- 08/10/2021
Taken this for years to help in my fight against XXXXXXs. So far it’s provided that support. I believe supplements with natural ingredients do help. Bloodroot capsules are part of my daily supports!! Thanks
Bestest on Earth!
- 08/09/2021
I take 2 a day, my moles slowly change color, then disappear! I fed it to my dog who was diagnosed with mast cell. He lived 13 yrs longer than the vet said he would. I will always take it.
- 08/06/2021
PSA cut down from 16.7 to 10.4 in 6 weeks
Grateful somebody is working to make this product
- 08/02/2021
My body is happier on the bloodroot capsules
Amazing plant thanks again guys
in progress
- 07/29/2021
Bought the Black Salve Bloodroot Caps and Ellagicaps for my husband who has Chronic Lymphocitic Leukemia, and his white cell blood counts have reduced considerably since using them( around 18 months), so hoping for a complete return to normal in the future.🤞🤞🤞
Quality Product
- 07/27/2021
I’ve been using this product for over 4 years as a health and wellness supplement. I also put a pinch in my kitty's food for her wellness too and she’s 18 now. I buy it as a gift for my son who is 10 years in remission from stage 2 BigC!!
Trust This Company
- 07/22/2021
Doing a google search in 2017 & Best of Earth Popped up.
Started ordering Black Salve & the Blood Root Capsules for a "bad cell diagnosis".
20121....still here, NO chemo, NO radiation, NO hair loss, NO puking in the toliet..
And, by God's grace & Best On Earth, I am still here.
Bloodroot caps
- 07/21/2021
Very good product
Wouldnt do without Black Salve Capsules.
- 07/20/2021
My wife and i have had a serious life-threatening disease for 4 years. Black Salve Capsules have helped our immune systems to survive and we are positive about the future. We have had no negative responses. BOE is an excellent Company to deal with. They are not expensive and get the products to us very quickly. Keep up the good work guys. We also use Black Salve external products on our skin. Have done with great results for 30 years with no negative responses.
Highly recommend Black Salve and BOE. Regards Lance Cotterill.
Great product
- 07/20/2021
I love these capsules as they have helped control and get rid of nail fungus issues.
Awesome product
- 07/19/2021
Have used this product for years!! Love the defense it provides for prevention.
Thanks to these capsules!!
Great Products
- 04/14/2021
I have used the Black Salve on various suspicious looking moles and skin issues with great success.
As it stipulates it only reacts if there is a problem which is so true.

12 Months ago I purchased the Bloodroot Capsules and the Body Wash which have been great.
I was diagnosed with Macular Degeneration at 45 which they said was young and have just had it monitored over the years. A few months ago I went to Specsavers to update reading glasses and he didn't mention the Macular Degeneration when he did the eye health check so I asked and he said your eye health is perfect (I was taken aback and didn't mention it but I was thinking maybe the Capsules had done the job)
Anyway the Body Wash is great and keeps the face and body looking nice and healthy.
Now wanting to get the Capsules for a Horse with very bad growths that keep occurring on his face which Veterinary Treatment is not successful to date.
I will update any outcome with him after I try it.
Highly reccommend
- 01/13/2021
In a few days warts are disappearing.
Dog Cancer
- 10/19/2020
This product was recommended by my Holistic veterinarian. I have been giving it to her for four years, three months on, one month off. I intend to keep buying it.
Black Salve and After Care Cream
- 04/28/2020
I've used BOE black salve since 2016. It cleared up my XXXX, which was on my face, leaving only a tiny scar. I attribute that to the after care cream. Well, this year another sore appeared close to the same area as the first. I applied the black salve that I bought in 2016 and it worked the same wonderful way. I didn't keep the After Care cream in a cool place so I need to replace it. I highly recommend both products. A little goes a long way. I'm extremely grateful to Best of Earth.
works wonders
- 04/12/2020
thank you, works so well... Brilliant!
- 04/07/2020
All products of excellent quality packaging and delivery quick and good