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Organic Green Food Powder

Organic Green Food Powder

30 Servings
$35.39 each when you buy two
$32.81 each when you buy three or more!

This Surprisingly Simple and Affordable 60 Second Method Super-Charges YOUR Whole Body EVERY Day...


-When you are ready to take a 180° turn towards health, our Non-GMO “Organic Green Power 180” helps to save YOU:
  - Time & Effort (Shopping, preparing, cooking and clean-up)
- Money (The cost of produce is skyrocketing!)
- Stress (Driving to the store every week, managing prep, cook and cleaning times)

-Yes, our Non-GMO Organic Green Powder 180 is indeed certified organic by QAI and the USDA!

Discover How...

We all know we need to eat fruits and vegetables to maintain health in our bodies, but did you know, the American Cancer Society recommends consuming five or MORE servings a day? While having a goal of consuming that many servings a day is great, how many of us actually achieve it every day... or even ONE time in the course of a week?

Statistics show only 1 in 10 people get the suggested servings a day, that means 90% of us do not!  Are YOU in the 90% every day?

What about the high cost of produce at the supermarket today? We are not even talking about organic produce, which can cost 2 to 3 times the amount of chemical laden produce! Food costs continue to go up every year, while their nutrient value decreases.

Who Has the Time to Juice Every Single Day?

What if you could get the nutrients found in “organic” green vegetables, into your body in less than 60 seconds and at a fraction of the cost of buying a bag full of produce from the health food store?  

It's as easy as stirring a scoop of the Organic Green Power 180 into a glass with filtered water or fresh juice, then drink it down!

"While some people enjoy juicing healthy green vegetables and the earthy taste that goes along with it, some folks just don't have the time every day but still want the great health benefits."

Now You Can Have All the Health Benefits, Amazing Taste and No Mess to Clean Up!

Our Organic Green Power 180 delivers the best sources of alkalizing green food to YOUR body. Our own customers asked us to formulate a great tasting organic green food powder and we spent the last 9 months doing just that. After letting a select number of our loyal customers test it out, they were blown away at how it has impacted their energy and overall health.  See what a few of them have to say:


I feel more alive after I take my Organic Green Power 180 every morning, I mix it with filtered water and am out the door in a flash! It tastes fantastic, much better than other green foods I've tried.

Jamie A.



As a licensed health care practitioner, I am very particular about what I put in my body and what I recommend to my clients. I am very impressed with the Organic Green Power 180, as it has comprehensive whole food nutrition and outstanding flavor. Thank you so much for going the extra mile for your customers, I will be sure to spread the word.

Mary V.




I am a business owner and operator so I am constantly on the go and I don't always get to eat what is best for me. Thanks for making your Organic Green Power 180, it keeps me energized all day long and I have felt an improvement in my digestion too, awesome product!

Tony A.


So, Why Is It So Important to Alkalize Your Body?

To be blunt, your blood pH (acid/alkaline balance) must stay within an extremely narrow range to avoid serious illness and even death! Thankfully, the body has built in mechanisms to maintain this delicate pH balance, BUT without enough alkalizing foods in our diet, we can't maintain the balance without stressing other systems in the body and ultimately our body falls prey to a dangerous acidic environment!

By consuming alkalizing nutrients, like the ones found in our Organic Green Power 180, and by avoiding acidifying foods you are helping your body stay alkaline, therefore decreasing your risk of diseases found to be related to overly acidic cell chemistry. By the way, did you know you can monitor your pH level in 20 seconds, in the comfort of your own home, with a simple pH test strip procedure?

For a limited time we are offering a FREE box of 100 test strips when you purchase one or more bottles of our Organic Green Power 180.  ($7.97 value)

Order quickly, as we only have a limited number of boxes for this promotion and they won't last long!

Let's Look at the Amazing Organic Ingredients in Organic Green Power 180!

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Organic Spirulina Algae Powder

-  found to be very high in protein and fatty acids and also contain high contents of vitamins B, E, and beta carotene as well as selenium, zinc, manganese.

Organic Barley Grass Powder

- Is high in chlorophyll and contains more calcium than cow's milk.

Organic Wheat Grass Powder

- contains nutrients which may assist in normal red blood cell production and blood pressure regulation mechanisms.

Organic Spinach Leaf Powder

- High in Vitamin A which is needed for healthy skin, hair and eye function.

Organic Chlorella Powder

- Research has shown it may assist in cleansing the blood and intestinal tract and assist in the elimination of toxic metals.

Organic Parsley Leaf Powder

- A good source of iron and folic acid, it also contains essential nutrients which help the body in cleansing and detoxification.


Organic Apple Fruit Powder

-  Apples can assist in lower blood fats through their soluble fiber content.

Organic Kale Leaf Powder.

- Found to provide high amounts of vitamin C, folic acid, Vitamin B6, manganese and potassium.

Organic Stevia Powder

- A powerful natural plant sweetener, its components may assist in healthy blood sugar regulation mechanisms.

Organic Green Power 180 also contains digestive enzymes and organic probiotic cultures to assist in proper digestion and intestinal health. 

Our product is the best Organic Green Food Powder available today!

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Price: $39.97
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it makes me happy

- 03/20/2017

My package arrived yesterday and I decided to try the Green Power. It was unbelievable how happy my body felt right away. And now, this morning as I'm drinking coffee, I am noticing the difference in how coffee makes me feel. Even just thinking about the Green Power, just opening the jar and smelling it makes me happy. It's as though my body is leaping with joy at the mere thought of it! Thank you for creating healthy happiness in a jar!
L. Campbell

Convenient and great tasting

- 03/16/2017

After researching the benefits and reading the reviews of the Organic Green Powder I decided to place an order because I knew I wasn't getting enough vegetables in my diet. I'm a very busy business owner and unfortunately don't always eat like I should. Usually you have to compromise taste when you take something that's good for you but not with this product. It tastes great and easily mixes with water.

Best Green powder so far!!!!!

- 02/07/2017

I have ordered green powder from 4 different manufacturers and this is the best by far!! Best in taste, consistency and lasts longer, more for the money.

Best by a mile

- 06/05/2016

When the exchange rate for the Australian dollar went down I decided maybe I could find a cheaper option for my greens....I've been looking, I've found nothing that even comes close to the quality of Green Power 180 although I've found plenty that cost a lot more! So no false economy for me... Green Power all the way! Amazing stuff

Goodbye Mind fog!

- 03/30/2016

It stayed in the cupboard until my intuition said "Take this!" so I did and I will never look back. It lifts up my mood, clears my mind, wakes me up and gets me going. It keeps the sugar cravings at bay too and it helps me keep focused on my goals of feeling grounded and healthy. I'm done with the whole diet thing, I just want to live and feel better and this product helps immensely!

Wonderful product!

- 03/09/2016

Of all the greens I have tried this is by far the best tasting. It is also one of the only organic greens I have been able to find. Love my greens!

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